Pneumatic Stucture for Trekantområdets Festuge, Denmark


DIODON in Trekantfest

In the Jutland peninsula there is a new inhabitant. A new specie has been seen in the Triangle Region. It is Diodon, a colorful and transparent being that mysteriously activates with parties. Halfway between a jellyfish and a balloonfish Diodon only lives surrounded by people, music and fun. When its ecosystem remains in silence, when its territory is emptied, Diodon deflates and disappears.

There are sources that claim that Diodon has been synthesized in DOSIS, a lab in Iberia, also known as the land of parties. Diodon likes to be touched and to welcome people inside his body, people who perform extravagant actions inside him that attract crowds. This is how he is happy and nourished. He transmits to the multitude that surrounds him the very thing that feeds him, creating in them an inexplicable feeling of attraction towards him. Only by seeing Diodon, people cannot resist approaching him to caress and embrace him. Its soft spikes respond interactively to the samples of affection of the sightseers. Diodon enjoys the vibration of the sound waves and the excited looks of children and adults that watch him vibrate and beat. While all this happens, Diodon just wants the party to continue.

DIODON exterior-1.jpg

Team: Ignacio Peydro, Isabel Collado, Luis F. Núñez (Project leader), Laura Astrain, Irache Portillo,  Lucas Yung Woo Chung, Claudia Alonso

Manufacturer: Arquitextil. Lastra y Zorrilla.