uia berlin


Berlin UIA-2002

Mental sampler.

“To be a vegetarian means a little more than to refrain from eating meat.” (F.Soriano)

The construction rises as it releases the ground beneath it. Underneath lies an open public space. Towering above is a fragmented private space. The generated interstitial spaces between the strips are characterized by the constant compressions and expansions of physical space, which subdivide the continuous public spaces into in small enclosures.

The contemporary house will be almost infinitely varied as well as infinite, based on models and not types. It will be made of entirely asymmetrical patterns – in all its facets. It will derive from a series of coincidental lines as opposed to a multiple of one. The contemporary house shall symbolise our individuality. It will show the cosmopolitan nature of society because it will allow for its inherent differences.

People are different and have different obsessions. It will cater for all their demands. This creative intervention shall cater for them. For those who need to rent rooms, for people who play sport, for people that want to move house without moving, for couples who wish to conserve their individuality, for inspiring lofts, for newly-weds, endowed with large or small kitchens, for people that rent for a month, for those who have lost hope, for the conventional, for the irreverent, for immigrants or natives, for the banal, and even the aged... (F.Soriano)   


Providing  of variants to the different ways of life:

Myopic or long-sighted houses, Tamagochi, the self-employed.

Paradoxical: having to exit in order to enter.

Defying our perceptions, producing concave and convex reflections.

Timed construction strategies.


Possibly a millefeuilles pastry, lasagna.

Elevated vistas, opening perceptions.

Variable levels of density ---- different ways of life.

Base + elevated visory elements: periscopes.

Uni-personal micro gardens, intimacy and no-man’s-land.

Far away visions and distant views of Berlin from afar.


Hard and soft program physio-economic Gradients

Paradise of the vias-island urban graft

Tracks of the routes

Advantages of preexistence, routes, warehouses.

Topography that unites the new the existing features.

Connections with sporting facilities.

Connections urban - expansion of the site.


Expansive personal space,  personal radius.

You change with time without needing to change place.

A machine that changes function according to your needs.

Cubic metres of air, infinitely combinable capsules.

Areas void of a designated use.

An indeterminate programme.


Distributional program.

An urban hybrid.

Lodgings, and folds in a vertical landscape,

Diverse facilities, horizontal landscapes, a collective condensation.

Management and water-handling facilities, water purifiers,

Generation of energy. And energetically speaking, self-sufficient.


Green Areas. Commercial Areas. Leisure Areas.

Watery surfaces and canals.

Canals on which to navigate

An inner door to the city.